​This project is dedicated to angel-women

How to prepare for fitting:


1. Come sleep and in a good mood :)

2. Put yourself in our hands - you have the right not to know what cut or shape of the neckline will be best for you

3. Limit the number of people who will influence your decision

4. Come best with your hair tied up

5. Dress best with a strapless bra

6. You can take your shoes. If not - no problem - we have shoes for fitting.

7. Plan your budget - it will be easier for us to tailor our suggestions to your expectations...


let us know if you already know that you will be late for the meeting or you prefer to make an appointment


Remember that the most important thing is what pleases you and only you.This is your day, your wedding and your dress.And your opinion counts here above all.                                


                                  Fashion is a declaration of your freedom!

Price: 3500 PLN



Angels just driffted down to the earth...

Avant-garde in color, light and subtle - these are

recognizable signs of this overwhelming bride.

Salon sukien ślubnych Ewa Stepaniuk Fashion Designer Suknia ślubna Wedding dress

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